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Getting Proper Support

Losing Weight Is All About Support

Most online diet plans tell us what to eat, but nothing more. Okay, they may give us lots of recipes and maybe some additional advice on nutrition, but that’s usually it. From then on, we’re on our own.

No wonder so many of us fail to lose weight.

The point is, dieting isn’t simply a question of knowing WHAT to eat. Most of us are perfectly well aware of what we should and should not eat. What we really need is help and support to actually DO it.

Dieting is a hundred times easier when we have the right support. After all, no matter how ‘clever’ the diet is, it won’t lose weight for us! We have to follow it ourselves and overcome all sorts of problems in the process.

Problems like:

– How do we follow a diet if we’ve got a family to cook for?
– How do we cope if we’re on the ‘graveyard’ shift?
– What should we do if we don’t really like vegetables?
– How do we deal with an unsupportive partner?
– How do we overcome our habit of overeating at night?
– What’s the best way of handling an accidental binge?
– How can we adapt our diet for weekends and holiday periods?
– What should we do if our motivation to lose weight dries up?
– What’s the best cooking oil?
– What are safe choices when dining out?
– How can we adapt our diet if we weigh (say) 500 pounds?
– What’s a good way of dealing with stress-eating or comfort-eating?
– How should we adapt our diet if we have type 2 diabetes?
– What’s the best way to lose our extra weight after pregnancy?
– What sort of eating habits are best during menopause?
– How can we lose weight if we’re taking anti-depressants?
– What exercise is advisable if we have mobility problems?
– What’s the best diet for PCOS? Fibromyalgia? Gluten intolerance?
– What should we do if we feel like quitting?

How can we deal with all these problems (and thousands like them) when most diet programs offer no support?

By joining Anne Collins Weight Loss Program.

Because this program doesn’t just offer you 9 easy-to-use diets, it gives you free membership to the Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum, which answers ALL your questions and deals with ALL your problems.

The forum has 21,547 members, 7,616 topics, and 260,288 messages, and it’s simply awesome.
The friendliest most helpful community on the entire Internet. Bar none.

So if you need a bit of extra encouragement and support to lose weight, don’t waste money on a diet program that just tells you what to eat. Join Anne Collins Weight Loss Program and get the type of support you always dreamed of.

12 Months membership to Anne Collins Program costs $19.97. There are no extras.