forum for obese patients

Forum For Obese Patients

Community Forum For Obese Patients

Whether you are suffering from mild obesity (BMI > 30), or morbid-obesity (BMI > 40), you’ll find fantastic advice and support at Anne Collins weight loss community forum, to which you receive free membership when you join her highly acclaimed and inexpensive weight loss diet program.

Anne Collins explains:

In my experience, obese individuals often spend too much time helping others and not enough on themselves. My weight loss program aims to improve this imbalance by giving them extra time and encouragement. So far, this approach has had excellent results, with many severely overweight members losing 60, 80 or even 100 pounds of body fat.

Anne Collins community helps you to master problems like calorie control, food cravings, emotional eating, temptations to binge, dieting disaster-days(!), weight gain during and after menopause, and much more. Anne Collins herself manages the forum, which contains more than 100,000 posts and thousands of threads on almost every problem associated with diet-motivation, weight reduction, healthy eating, fitness, and food recipes.Amazing Help And Advice To Lose Weight

Personal Help And Encouragement

When you join Anne Collins community, you can make friends, share your experiences, learn new attitudes, keep an online journal, find a diet-buddy, join one of our many support groups, or simply chat in our Off-Topic section. With more than 10,000 members from every state in the US, Canada, Europe and worldwide, the Anne Collins forum is the friendliest and most supportive community on the world wide web.

How Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum Is Organized

The forum is divided into separate sections, which you may visit anytime, day or night. They include:

A New Members Forum

Where you get instant encouragement from the moment you join.

A Weekly Weigh-In Forum

Where we celebrate your weekly weight loss or help you overcome a bad week. Anne Collins herself gives personal diet tips to every member who weighs-in.

A Forum For Your Personal Logs

Where you can start your own diet log/journal and keep a daily record of your eating and exercise habits, along with the difficulties you are facing. Other members ‘visit’ to offer help and advice. In turn, you can visit other members logs and make new friends. If you wish, you can keep your journal completely private.

A Diet Discussion Forum

This is the main section which covers all aspects of dieting and weight management. Popular threads include:

Confession Corner
Where you can confess having a bad day or a binge. Other members will rush to your support and haul you right back on the wagon.

Small Successes
Where you can tell others about that pie you said No to, the cheesecake you refused, and other food temptations you resisted. Because small successes add up!

One Perfect Day
Where you may commit to achieving Just One Perfect Day on your diet. Many members find that this one success leads to another and another…

199 Club (aka “ONEderland”)
If you are over 200 pounds then CRACKING THE 200 POUND BARRIER is a powerful weight loss goal. Here, you can talk to other members who have smashed the 200 pound barrier, and get help to do the same.

A Diet Buddy Forum

Where you can find some great partners with whom to lose weight. Popular threads include:

Long Haulers
Where members who weigh 300 pounds or more offer each other non-stop support.

New and Breastfeeding Moms
Where our new moms share dietary tips and talk to others who are losing that ‘baby’ weight! A great place to relax, and get a little “me-time”.

Prayer Buddies
Where you can share what is going on in your life and help each other to achieve your diet goals.

Where senior members share dieting experiences and advice. A really helpful place even if you are NOT a senior!

Where you can discuss symptoms and treatments, and get great weight loss advice.

Working Shift
Where members who work shifts share advice about meal-planning etc.

A Food and Recipes Forum

Where you can get great cooking tips, along with tons of recipe suggestions.

An Exercise Forum

Where you can get tons of tips and help to boost your physical activity, no matter how obese you are. We have members aged from 18-80 years, each working at their own pace.

Bottom Line

If you are seriously overweight, we can help you to lose weight, make friends and regain control of your life. Our weight loss community is so good, you will never want to leave!