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Food Leftovers Can Ruin Your Diet

Food Leftovers Can Ruin Your Diet

We women are traumatized by waste.
We can’t throw away leftovers.
Result? We eat them and get fat.

Girls, it’s time to change!
Don’t be bullied by leftovers – especially if you’re on a diet.

How to Reduce Food Leftovers Without Eating Them

Step 1. Hold plate containing food leftovers, in left hand.
Step 2. Walk to trash bin. Open bin with right hand. Dump leftovers.
Step 3. Eat candy bar (Whoops! Just kidding).

Food Leftovers Warning from the Fat Police

Eating leftovers just because you can’t stand waste, is a serious dietary offence punishable with a life sentence of fat thighs.

Great Tips on Diet Motivation
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