fiber to lose weight

Fiber to Lose Weight

Eating Fiber to Lose Weight

Fiber is very important for any balanced diet.
Also, fiber helps us to lose weight.

1. Because high fiber foods fill us up WITHOUT making us fat.

2. Because, as fiber passes through our system it takes some of our undigested fat with it.

In addition, the presence of fiber (e.g. in fruit) helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into our bloodstream. This helps stabilize our blood sugar levels and is believed to help reduce cravings. Both these benefits assist weight control.

Healthy high fiber foods include: oat bran, beans, legumes, many fruits like bananas, apples & berries; raw vegetables, whole wheat bread/pasta wholegrain bread, brown rice. See also
Fiber Chart

Note: Although fiber offers a range of nutritional and weight-related benefits, it is best eaten as part of a balanced diet. There is no evidence that very high fiber diet is more beneficial for weight loss or health.

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