fat thighs

Gretta’s Fat Thighs

Gretta is 32 years old, five feet three inches tall and weighs 182 pounds (13 stone), which means she is about 40 pounds (3 stone) overweight. She would dearly love to lose weight and get rid of her fat thighs and she has tried dieting several times, but so far each attempt has ended in failure. Result? She’s gradually getting fatter.

Question: Why does Gretta find dieting so difficult? 
: Because every time she looks at her fat thighs she thinks to herself: There’s no way I’m going to be able to shift this fat. 

So she never takes dieting seriously. To make matters worse, she has been fat for several years. So to her, it’s normal. She is used to having a fat body and fat thighs so she can’t imagine being any different. And all her family and friends have got used to seeing her like this, as well. So, as far as Gretta and everyone else is concerned, she’s a naturally fat person and that’s that.

What about her husband, does he notice her getting fatter?
Of course he does. But like most husbands he keeps quiet. Even though there’s less romance than there used to be, he knows there will be even less if he mentions Gretta’s weight!

And so life continues. Gretta continues to put on weight and carries on believing there’s nothing she can do about it. Her family and friends continue to see her as a naturally fat person. And her husband continues to turn a blind eye to everything.

In a way, it’s like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Gretta is the Emperor and has decided that she can’t lose weight. And no one dares say anything to her for fear of upsetting her. Unfortunately, keeping quiet in this situation solves nothing. In fact, very often it leads to greater unhappiness, not less.

Are you a bit of a Gretta?
Do you look at your fat thighs and think to yourself: I’m never going to shift this fat? Have you convinced yourself that dieting doesn’t work for you? If so, I’ve got some shocking news for you. You can lose weight whenever you want. What’s more, in time, your fat thighs will shrink down to a lovely slimmer shape.

The science behind this is simple. If we eat too much fatty or sugary food, our body turns it into fat and dumps it on our thighs. Result? Our thighs get fatter. So to reverse the process, we have to eat less fattening food. This forces our body to use up the fat on our thighs. Result? They shrink. Of course they won’t shrink overnight but they will definitely shrink. And they’ll shrink to whatever size you want.

If you prefer having slim thighs, then all you have to do is eat a sensible diet with lots of less fattening food and within a few months your thighs will shrink down to normal. The same applies to your tummy, your bottom and your neck.

And don’t listen to any of your family or friends who keep telling you that you’re naturally fat. No one is naturally fat. Not you, not your mother, not the Pope, not anyone. Yes, each of us has a slightly different bone structure and body shape, but this doesn’t make us fat. The main reason we’re fat is because we eat too much fattening food!

So girls, do you like having fat thighs? If you do, then carry on eating as normal. If you don’t, then stop eating so much fat and sugar, and eat lots of less fattening food instead.