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Fat Loss Supplements
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Fat Loss Supplements

Often marketed as “fat-burners” or “thermogenics”, these supplements supposedly raise the body’s metabolism and heat leading to greater calorie-burning. The manufacturers also claim that fat burners cause the release of fat tissue into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the amount of stored adipose tissue. In summary, they claim that these fat loss supplements diet pills help to burn off fat without harmful side effects, causing rapid healthy weight loss.

Critics of thermogenics/ fat burners state that while these pills may have SOME of the effects on metabolism which makers claim, it is not enough to cause significant weight loss. Furthermore, to achieve weight loss these fat loss pills need to be combined with a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise. Something not always stressed by the makers.

The science behind fat loss supplements sounds plausible. But more clinical trials are needed before we can properly assess their effectiveness for weight management. If stored fat melted away as easily as some sellers claim, it’s hard to understand why we have an epidemic of obesity.

Fat burners are sometimes made with ephedra, also known as ephedrine or ma huang. Ephedra is a stimulant which speeds up the nervous system and increases metabolism. Ephedra-based supplements can be highly dangerous, causing irregular heartbeat (known as an arrhythmia), dehydration, fainting, and occasionally even death. Several sports organisations (eg. NCAA, IOC) have banned the use of ephedrine by athletes.

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