fast weight loss

Fast Weight Loss

What is Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is water loss.

That’s right.
In general, when we lose weight quickly, we’re not losing FAT.
All we’re losing is WATER.

And what happens after this amazing fast water loss?
Answer: we regain it all, real quick.

What’s the Fastest We Can Lose Weight?

Some human bodies can lose up to 3 pounds of fat, a week.
But most of us can lose a maxiumum of 2 pounds of fat, a week.

Fast Weight Loss Claims

Next time you see a diet plan, or diet pill offering weight loss in excess of 2-3 pounds a week for most people, remember – they mean WATER loss. They don’t mean FAT loss.

Fast Weight Loss for Severely Obese

If you are severely obese, it is possible to lose fat more quickly. But there are drawbacks. These include nutritional deficiencies, the risk of gallstones and the problem of loose skin. Three good reasons to consult your doctor before embarking on any weight loss program.

An Easy Diet for Life
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