Fast Food Advice For Healthy Weight Loss

Fast Food For Healthy Weight Loss

No Time For Healthy Cooking and Weight Control

Many women tell me that the reason they find it difficult to lose weight, is because they don’t have time to cook. They work long hours, care for their family and are simply too tired to prepare healthy meals at the end of a day. Since I used to be a single parent, with two small children, and a regular 12-hour working day, I understand this viewpoint completely. It really is difficult to manage your weight and shape with so many other priorities to worry about. Even today, although my children are grown up, my working day has expanded to 16 hours, and I need to be careful that my waistline and weight doesn’t expand with it!

Healthy Weight-Conscious Food Can Be Fast Food

The idea that you need lots of time to prepare and cook healthy meals is a myth and probably one circulated by the fast-food industry. After all, the very name “fast-food” implies that home-cooking is slow-cooking. Not true! It’s perfectly possible to prepare healthy weight-reducing meals in minutes. The secret is organisation!

Ways to Cook Fast Meals For Optimum Health and Weight

There are four basic ways to prepare fast healthy meals:

– By maintaining a stock of quick-cook foods
– By cooking your week’s meals in one easy session
– By cooking simple one-pot meals

My General Approach to Food and Weight Control

My whole weight loss program is designed for people in the real world – meaning, people who don’t have time. My aim is to make food-preparation as simple and as healthy as possible. So which ever diet plan you choose when you join my program (and there are 9 diets to try) you will NOT spend a huge amount of time in your kitchen!