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If You Have a Family to Feed
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Healthy Weight Reduction Diet Plan For Dieters Who Cook For a Family
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Losing Weight With a Family to Feed

It’s not easy to watch your calories and lose weight when you have a family to feed. Many weight loss plans are not appropriate for family meals or eating habits. But I have a healthy weight loss diet that’s perfect for families.

If you have a family to feed and you want to lose weight, I strongly recommend my Balanced Diet.


My Balanced Diet is PERFECT For Families

Originally designed exclusively for family eating, my Balanced Diet reduces your weight and improves your eating habits. It’s also adjustable for all calorie intakes. Above all, it’s a GREAT eating plan for husbands(!) and families to eat better and lose weight without even realising they are on a diet. It includes tons of practical advice about nutrition, exercise and general motivation. You’ll LOVE it!