eat less sugar

Eat Less Sugar

Eat Less Sugar

If you never ate another ounce of sugar, you’d be MUCH healthier.

  • Your body doesn’t need sugar.
  • Your appetite can be ruined by it.
  • Sugar increases cravings.
  • Your weight is ruined by it.
  • Sugar makes your blood more liable to clot (bad for arteries).
  • You can get diabetes by eating too much of it.
  • Sugar contains ZERO nutrition.

Giving Up Sugar Not Realistic

OK, giving up sugar completely is not realistic. Because most processed foods contain it. However, I strongly urge you to minimize your intake.

Maximum Recommended Sugar Intake

How much sugar should we eat? The U. S. Department of Agriculture recommends that a person who consumes a 2,000 calorie diet should not consume more than about 40 grams of refined sugars per day.

How to Eat Less Sugar

Drink more water, and fewer soft drinks.
Eat less sweets and candy, and more fresh fruit.
Eat fewer cakes and cookies.
Check food labels. Choose brands with
 less sugar.

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