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How NOT to Eat When Dieting

How Not to Eat When Dieting
1. Don’t Eat Standing Up When Dieting
Even if you only eat a sandwich or a roll, put it on a plate and sit down to eat it.

There are two reasons. First, sitting down to eat helps us to take our food seriously.¬†Second, it helps our body to ‘remember’ what we eat.

Both these things increase our awareness of our eating habits and make it easier to improve them.

Diet Fact
The majority of seriously overweight people:
(a) FORGET what they eat.
(b) Eat at least 2 snacks a day, standing up.

2. Don’t Eat in Front of the Refrigerator When Dieting
In one survey of diet habits, 70 percent of dieters confessed to eating something high-calorie in front of the refrigerator.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, ask someone else to visit the refrigerator for you!

3. When dieting PAY ATTENTION to what you eat
Recently I sat on a train and watched someone (who wasn’t overweight) eat two candy bars one after the other without even noticing what she was doing. Maybe she has a fast metabolism, maybe she never had a weight problem, but I don’t recommend this type of eating if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s too easy to over-eat and develop high-calorie eating habits.

Obvious diet advice, maybe. But sometimes the obvious needs saying!

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