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Stop Kidding Yourself
Dieting is Easier than Being Overweight
Why Dieting is Easier Than Being Overweight or Obese

For every 15 pounds that you’re overweight, you’re carrying around an extra 15 cans of baked beans. So if you’re 45 pounds overweight, you’re carrying an extra 45 cans.

Yet sometimes we pretend that dieting is difficult. 

We pretend to ourselves that it’s easier to carry around all this extra weight on our body, than it is to stick to our diet.

I asked her whether she had ever dieted before and she said she had – many times – but she’d never stuck to a diet for very long, because she didn’t find it very easy!A Lady Dieter
Some time ago, a lady came to see me to lose weight. She was about 50 years old, and she weighed about 210 pounds (15 stone) so she was about 70 pounds (5 stone) overweight. When she arrived she was quite breathless and every time she breathed, she wheezed.

And I felt so sad for her, because here she was, wheezing away from the effort of carrying 70 cans of beans around all day, and yet she had convinced herself that doing this was easier than sticking to a diet!

So, the next time you are tempted to give up your diet because you’re not finding it very easy, just remember this:

Compared with the every day strain of carrying extra weight on your body – dieting is easy!