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Cinderella Rockafella
How to Find An Easy Weight Loss Program

As her coach and horses pulled up outside the Palace, Cinderella was breathless with excitement. It was the night of the Royal Ball and in a few moments she would be talking and dancing with the most eligible men in the kingdom. She could hardly believe it. It was a dream come true!

But Cinderella was no dreamer. She had come to the ball with the specific intention of finding herself a young, good-looking husband with lots of money. Leaving the coach, she glided through the crowd and into the palace knowing that every man’s eyes were upon her. It was all going to be so easy.

‘Prince Alexander, at your service’
 he boomed, bowing deeply.And so it proved. Within half an hour, Cinderella found her perfect partner. He was seated at the King’s table at the back of the ballroom, drinking out of a gold goblet. The light was dim, but he looked gorgeous and he positively oozed wealth. It wasn’t long before she managed to catch his eye and he came over to her at once.

Oh Yes, she thought, as she held out her hand to be kissed, you’ll do nicely. With that, she guided him to the dance floor and went to work. By the time they had finished three dances, she had found out everything she needed to know. He was single, extremely rich and had fallen hopelessly in love with her. Then on the fourth dance, he proposed, and on the fifth, she accepted. By the sixth dance, they had already left by a side door.

As they walked arm in arm in the moonlight, Cinderella was jubilant. She was about to be married to a handsome Prince who would look after her for the rest of her life. Wait till her sisters heard the news! They’d be SO envious!

Just then however, the Prince ushered her down a small side street and into a dirty ground floor apartment. Quick as a flash, he bolted the door behind them and flung off his coat. ‘Just a minute’ said Cinderella, ‘what do you think you’re doing?’

The Prince laughed a crooked laugh. ‘I’m going to show you the person you’re about to marry’ he said. ‘You might as well take a seat, you’re not going anywhere!’

Cinderella looked around in desperation, but it was true: there was no escape. Meanwhile, the Prince started undressing. First, he took off his jacket and unwrapped several layers of padding which he had concealed around his body. Then he took off his boots with their six inch platform soles. Finally, he took off his corset, removed his wig and took out his false teeth. Cinderella was aghast. In a matter of seconds, her tall young muscular Prince had completely disappeared. In his place there now stood a tiny pot-bellied old man, with yellow skin, no teeth and no hair.

Suddenly there was a loud banging at the door. ‘Open up!’ cried a voice. ‘You’re six weeks behind with the rent and I want my money!’

Cinderella turned to the bald old man in front of her. ‘Hey, I thought you were a Prince. I thought you were rich!’

The old man shook his head in regret. ‘If only I was’ he said wistfully. ‘If only I was!’

The Moral
Things aren’t always what they seem! This applies to many things, especially diets. For example, some diets promise to help you lose lots of weight with almost no effort but instead they end up leaving you hungry and miserable and even fatter than you were before.

Don’t be a Cinderella!

Don’t be taken in so easily. Choose a sensible diet which allows you plenty to eat and helps you to lose weight at the right speed.