Time Spent Dieting

Time Spent Dieting

Many dieters spend half their lives dieting. Each year they start several new diets – high protein, high carb, low carb, fad diets – you name it.

Or else they try diet pills or a so-called herbal diet supplement, or a so-called ‘fat-burning’ diet.

Or else they fast and try to starve themselves lean.

Whatever series of diet methods they use, typically they lose 30 pounds and regain 40. Lose another 30 pounds, regain another 40 and so on.

Constant Dieting

This constant dieting goes on for years.
Why? Because generally they are too impatient or too un-motivated to diet properly. Either they want to lose weight too fast, or else they are not ready to make the effort to stick to a diet plan.

A Better Way of Dieting and Losing Weight

Don’t spend your whole life dieting!
Do it once, do it properly and get on with the rest of your life.

Does this mean you need to change your attitude to dieting? (gulp)
I’m afraid so.

But if you want, I can help.

Dieting Made Easy
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