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Healthy Eating, Not Dieting

Say Goodbye to Dieting!

Fed up of dieting?
Fed up of going through the same old dieting torture?

If so, STOP.

Say Goodbye to dieting
Say Hello to healthy eating

In other words…
Stop focusing on losing weight.
Stop focusing on your weighing scales.
Instead, focus on eating healthily.

Hello Healthy Eating!

  • Eat regular starchy carbs like whole wheat bread and potatoes
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Eat more wholegrain cereal and beans
  • Eat more fish, and less red meat
  • Switch to sensible low-fat options
  • Eat in, more: eat out, less.

Healthy eating is perfect for dieters who are fed up with dieting

Why? Because if you eat healthily, you’ll lose weight without ever having to “diet.”

A Wonderful Healthy Eating Plan
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