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This is a great place for motivitation, support, ideas, etc. I have literally dieted 38 of my 48 years and I HAVE LEARNED MORE IN THE SIX WEEKS SINCE I JOINED THIS GROUP than ever before. Oh, I knew all there was to know about calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. I could write my own book. What I have learned….actually, what I am learning is about self-image, positive attitude, etc. I knew all the physical stuff but here I am learning about the mental part of weight loss. I am finding out that is an essential part of any weight loss program.

…I’m changing my life because of you!! I’m down 41 pounds already but its my attitude I’m really impressed with (my husband too!). Reading the posts on your forum has definitely taught me a new way of thinking – like it’s okay to have a bad day and stuff. Usually I am so tense when dieting but now I am so relaxed…. My husband says I must never stop doing what you tell me!!

I see what people mean about this forum being so supportive! I’ve never been in such a wonderful wonderful wonderful place. I feel I’m surrounded by people just like me, who really want me to succeed. It all stems from Anne herself, but all you guys are so sweet and so caring. I’ve been 300 pounds for years and I’ve tried tons of different diets but NOTHING ever like this. I’ve lost 17 and a half pounds so far but much more important… I really do think I can succeed this time. No more losing and gaining the same 10 pounds! Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.