Vitamins & Diet Supplements

Vitamins & Diet Supplements

Instead of concentrating solely on limiting their consumption of unhealthy foods, consumers continue to make efforts to increase their consumption of foods with added health promoting benefits including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. This shift from a more restrictive approach to a more proactive strategy accelerated over the past year. Efforts to avoid fat continued to decline while greater efforts were made to eat foods offering a nutritional benefit. (Gallup, 1998). While 81% of primary food shoppers continued to “avoid” foods or ingredients they perceived as deleterious to their health, 82% are actively choosing foods and beverages because they do contain desirable nutritional ingredients or offer added health benefits (HealthFocus, 1997).

Vitamins & Diet Supplements

Slightly more than half (55%) of adults are making at least some effort to include vitamin fortified foods and beverages in their diet. Not surprisingly, vitamin users are even more likely (66% vs. 55%) to try to eat vitamin fortified foods. Interestingly, most adults do not believe that consuming vitamin fortified beverages eliminates the need for vitamin supplements. (Gallup, 1998).

About half (53%) of all adults have drunk at least one vitamin fortified beverage during the last year. Orange juice with added calcium (23%) was consumed most frequently. Nineteen percent reported drinking orange juice fortified with ACE antioxidants, 18% fruit juice fortified with several vitamins and minerals, 17% fruit drinks fortified with vitamin C and 16% milk with added vitamins other than A and D
(Gallup, 1998).


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