Reduce Cellulite With Diet & Exercise Treatment

Reduce Cellulite With Healthy Diet and Exercise

What you eat and drink will make a difference to the amount of cellulite you have, especially when combined with regular exercise.

To help reduce or prevent cellulite forming:

  • Avoid processed and refined foods which contain excess salt, sugar or fat.
  • Follow a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, beans and legumes. These high fiber foods help eliminate waste and toxins.
  • Reduce your intake of coffee, tea, sugar, salt and alcohol, all of which create a build up of toxins in the body.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program
My program won’t cure cellulite. It will however help you to develop healthy, long term eating habits that will help you reduce fat and lose weight. Losing weight is still considered to be of assistance in reducing cellulite.

Exercise & Cellulite

Exercise helps to reduce cellulite because it helps to boost circulation and restore a slim subcutaneous fat layer. Aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate is the best type of anti-cellulite exercise.