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Bookmark this page for news articles about a range of dietary subjects, such as: the renal consequences of high protein diets, dietary treatment for pancreatic and prostate cancer, eating plans for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, how diet affects longevity, clinical trials on different eating plans for coronary heart disease, glycemic index (GI diet) and the affect of junk food on the metabolic system. See also articles on weight management and obesity control topics, like: the latest bariatric surgery techniques, medications to reduce severe overweight, how obesity is associated with depression, weight gain during marriage, how to control weight gain during menopause, the effects of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. For those with specific interest in dietary nutrition, you’ll find news about eggs and cholesterol, nuts and heart attacks, why tomatoes may reduce blood clotting, soluble fiber supplements and cholesterol, folate needs, food allergies, plant foods and cancer, and much more.

Exercise, Obesity & Weight Loss
Weight Loss Plans Lack Exercise
Obesity Electric Shock Treatment
Weight Gain in Marriage
Peanuts & Weight Control
High Protein Diets & Kidney Problems
Exercise & Weight in Menopause
Healthy Weight Loss a Low Priority for Teen Boys
Weight Gain & Pregnancy
Obesity & Heart Risk
Obesity & Junk Food
Weight Loss Surgery
SCD-1 Gene & Obesity
Obesity & Depression in Adolescents
Obesity Risk for Disabled
Obesity, Black Women and Breast Cancer
Weight & Birth Defects
Weight Loss While Breast-Feeding
Weight Control & Breakfast
Weight Loss Ads
Weight Loss & Hypnotherapy
Weight Loss Strategies for Women
Weight, Shape & Your Genetics
Low Fat Diets
Link Between Diet & Brain Function
Weight Loss Pills & Supplements
Melanotan Diet & Weight Loss Pill
Overweight & Quality of Life
Diet & Alzheimer’s Disease
Afro-American Eating Disorders
Diet and Arthritis
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
How to Burn Body Fat
Causes of Over Eating
Celebrity Diets and Weight Loss
Advice About Diet and Fat
Diet and Pancreatic Cancer
Diet Products and Health
Diet and Prostate Cancer
Eating Disorders – Introduction
Eating Disorders – Girls
Fad Diets
Fiber and Cholesterol
“Freshman Fifteen” – Weight Gain Myth?
French Fries – American Diet
Gallstones and Low Calorie Diets
Meat Eaters Gain Weight
Leaner School Meals
Menstrual Cycle and Weight Loss
“Miracle Cure” Diets
Moderate/Low Fat Diets
Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Heart Disease
Lack of Physical Activity in US Adults
Sugar Substitutes
“Super-Size” Portions Not Recommended
Eating Disorders – Army
Comfort Food, Comfort Eating
OTC Diet & Weight Loss Pills
Influence of TV on Body Image and Dieting
Exercise, Teens and Obesity
Exercise and Weight Loss – Myths
Anorexia, Bulimia & Fractures
Beta Carotene & Diet
Diet Nutrition & Breakfast
Calcium Intake
Benefits of Caloric Restriction
Fresh Foods vs Canned Foods
Diet & Blindness
Diet, Exercise & Cancer
Diet & Longevity
Diet Nutrition Trends
Diet, Stress & Need for Nutrients
Dietary Fat Types & Heart Disease
Soluble Fiber Supplements & Cholesterol
Folate Requirement for Diet Health
Food Allergies & Intolerance
Healthy Diet Protects Against Disease
Healthy Snacks
Higher Fat Diets & LDL Cholesterol
Diet & Iron Intake
Iron Levels in Diet
Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Diet
Mega-Doses of Vitamins
Diet & Mitochondrial Health
Daily Multivitamin Pill – Study
Multi-Vitamin Products
Organic Food Risks
Overweight, Obesity Threaten U.S. Health
Plant Foods & Cancer
Protein Deficiency
Reduce Saturated Fats & Sugars
Sodium Bad for Bones
Diet Superfoods
American Teenage Eating Habits
UK Diet & Eating Habits
Vitamin B12 and Vegetarian Diet
Balanced Vegetarian Diet
UK Advice on Vegetarian Diets
Vitamin C Risks
Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
Growth of Fast Food in Schools Diet
Fat Replacers and Weight
Diets and Girls
Oily Fish and Weight Loss
Serving Sizes Survey
Sugar Types
Vitamin C and Weight Loss
AICR Diet Nutrition Hotline
How Much Water Do We Need to Drink?
Acrylamide & Starches
Wheatgrass Juice
Almonds & Cholesterol
Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS)
Exercise & Air Pollution
More Bananas, Fewer Strokes
Eggs & Cholesterol
Effects of Gestational Diabetes
Naloxone Reduces Food Cravings?
Do Carbs Make You Fat
Green Tea, Metabolism & Weight Loss
Licorice Helps Reduce Fat?
Benefits of the Antioxidant Lutein
Evening Bingeing
Breakfast Cereals, Nutrition & Fat
Nuts & Heart Attacks
Costs of Obesity
What Should You Pick From a Vending Machine?
Pear Shaped Women, Hips & Longevity
Tomatoes May Reduce Blood Clotting
Low-Carb High Protein Diets (LCHP)
Tuna & Mercury Poisoning
High Carb Baby Formula Food Tested on Rats
Women, Hormones & Chocolate
Fat-Free Foods Not always Low Calorie
South African Diet Habits
Obesity & Cancer Risk
Essential Tremor Causes Weight Loss?
Arthritis & Balanced Diet
Arthritis & Weight Loss Diets
Diabetes Type 2 & Diet Link
Exercise Types Reduce Heart Risk
Exercise Delays Diabetes Type 2
Diet Thermogenesis & Weight
Gallstones & Weight
Genes & Fat
Ghrelin Appetite & Weight Control
Ghrelin & Weight Loss Surgery
Leptin, Brain, Appetite & Weight
Leptin, Fat & Muscle Metabolism
Leptin & Weight Control
Low Fat Substitutes
Obesity & Pancreatic Cancer
Olestra & Health Canada
Brain Control of Appetite & Weight
Brain, Weight & Appetite Control
Calories Burned During Aerobic Exercise
Acupuncture & Obesity
Omega Fats – Health Effects
Weight Gain for Infants
Dietary Fat Intake
Diets, Weight Loss & Health

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High Fiber Diet
High Protein Diets vs. Balanced Diet
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Benefits of Low Fat Diet
Obesity Rates in Adults
Overeaters Anonymous
Refined Sugar & Diet
Sodas, Teenagers & Diet
Sugar & Weight Loss
Sugar Intake
Sweet Tooth & Diet
Vegetarian & Low-Meat Diets
Water Intake When Dieting
Weight, Fat & Genes
Weight Regain
Weight & Breast Cancer
Weight Loss & Calcium
Diuretics & Bloating
Fitness & Housework
Weight Loss & Herbs
Weight Loss & Green Tea
High Fiber Diet Improves Mood
Water & Weight Loss
Hypothyroidism & Weight
Dieting & Insomnia
Low Calorie Diets
Menopause & Weight
Diet for Insulin Resistant
Night Eating
Okinawa Diet
Cystitis & Diet
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Prostate & Nuts
Postpartum Thyroiditis
Reduce Fat (Sauces 1)
Reduce Fat (Sauces 2)
Reduce Fat (Dining Out)
Reduce Fat (Fries)
Reduce Fat (Mayo)
Reduce Fat (Ready Meals)
Reduce Fat (Salads)
Reduce Fat (Stir Fries)
Sea Salt vs. Regular Salt
Weight Gain After Smoking
Sodium & Blood Pressure
Sodium & Fluid Retention
Sodium & Osteoporosis
Sugar in Soft Drinks
Dangers of High Protein Diets
Eating Disorders Education
Genes, Muscle & Bone
UK Weight Loss & Diet Ambitions
Chips in UK Diet
UK Dietary Fat Intake
Housework & Weight Loss
Dietary Fat Intake
Xenical & Weight Loss
Xenical Weight Loss Results
Weight Loss Diet Issues
Hormones & Weight Gain
Overweight Statistics UK
Obesity & Weight UK
Obesity, Exercise & TV
Obesity Australia
Obesity Junk Food
Obesity & Cancer UK
Anorexia & Bones
Body Image
Body Image & Fat Issues
Diabetes & Weight Gain
Exercise & Depression
Exercise & Weight
Obesity Info
Obesity Facts
Obesity & Overweight- Britain
Successful Weight Loss Study
Weight Loss Target
Okinawa Diet Advice
Low Fat Diet Foods
Diabetes Costs
Birth Weight & Diabetes
Nutrition Labelling Canada
Weight Loss & Depression
Weight Loss in Cancer Patients
Insulin & Weight Loss
Body Image & Smoking
Birth Weight & Fish
Hip N Thigh Diets
Exercise, Fat & Energy
Body Fat Percent Tests
Sugars & Sweeteners in Diet
Costs of Eating Disorders
Anti-Obesity Drug (Thyroid)
Diabetes & Obesity
Obesity Metabolic Syndrome
Overweight in Adolescents
Obesity in Children
Obesity Health Concerns
Obesity in British Columbia
Obesity & Body Image
Body Fat Percentage
Overweight & Obesity
Weight Loss Advertising
Deceptive Weight Loss Ads
Weight Control & Obesity
Fit and Lean
College Weight Gain
Obesity Rate Still Rising
Low Carb Diet Dangers
High Protein Diet Health Risks
Weight Loss Health Benefits
Physical Activity & Weight
Obesity Costs & Risks UK
Diet & Obesity Scotland
Lose Weight & Dieting UK Survey
Obesity & Childhood Diet
Overweight & Heart Disease
Exercise Health & Weight
School Program – Obesity Prevention
Trans-Fatty Acids & Labels
Weight Criticism & Exercise
Diet Nutrition Advice & Gender
Infant Weight Gain & Obesity
Fat Diet Habits
Butter, Margarine & Lipids
Roundworms & Obesity
Men, Women & Weight

Advice About Weight Reduction

Most weight loss programs don’t offer effective support to help us improve our eating and exercise habits. They may explain what foods to eat and what exercise to take, but they don’t HELP US put it into practice. However, one diet program is different – it provides awesome long term support to help you overcome the daily aggravation of dieting. To see what women think about this particular weight loss program, see Weight Loss Pictures.