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If You Want to Maintain Weight
and Develop Healthy Eating Habits
Choose My Balanced Diet
Healthy Eating Plan For Optimum Weight Maintenance
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Healthy Diet to Maintain Weight

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of healthy weight management. For example, without certain vitamins and minerals our metabolism cannot function efficiently, which often leads to weight gain.


My Balanced Diet Helps You
to Lose or Maintain Weight

My Balanced Diet Plan is a complete 28-day plan with a wide range of quick, nutritious meals, a choice of calorie-controlled snacks including candy, cookies, wine and beer to choose from. Fast food, frozen entrees, and ‘take-to-work’ lunches are all part of this easy-to-follow diet. It’s totally flexible – you can adjust your calorie-intake in order to lose or maintain weight. Experience a great diet with delicious food and NO DEPRIVATION!