diet tips for men

Diet Advice for Men

Why Men Become Overweight

In my experience, most men become overweight for 4 reasons.

  • They drink too much
  • They take less exercise than a brick
  • They eat too much red meat
  • They eat too much fast food

Weight Loss Advice for Men

Be sensible about alcohol.
You don’t have to give up

Take some regular exercise.
You don’t have to jog your butt off

Eat less red meat.
You don’t have to eat lentils

Eat less fast food
Home cooked food isn’t necessarily slow food

Remember – Heart Attacks Kill Men

They kill women, too. But not as quickly.

One of the main causes of heart disease is bad eating habits, like:

  • Too much fast food.
  • Too much saturated fat.
  • Not enough fresh fruit & vegetables.And of course insufficient exercise!

Check Your Cholesterol and Weight Stats

Don’t wait until you’re in the ER to find out about your cholesterol and blood pressure. You may not survive that long.

A Healthy Diet for Men As Well As Women
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