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How to Make a Sandwich
Sandwiches When Dieting – Diet Snacks Advice

One of my most popular demonstrations at my weight-loss clinics is my Sandwich Demonstration. This involves showing the audience two different lunch-time sandwiches.

The first is a typical ham sandwich with two thin slices of buttered bread wrapped around a slice of ham. It looks mean, it tastes like cardboard and it wouldn’t satisfy a hamster let alone a healthy dieter.

The second sandwich is VERY different. It contains sliced chicken breast, lashings of tomatoes, cucumber, sliced onion, beetroot, grated carrot, crispy lettuce and sweetcorn, topped with pickle, all wrapped inside two thick slices of bread spread with a little low-fat spread. 

How do people react? They gasp! They have never seen such a monster sandwich! What’s more, they can’t believe that they are allowed to eat so much for a lunch-time snack, especially when I tell them they should have a bowl of soup, as well.
It is not a large sandwich – it’s a MONSTER sandwich! You have to see it, to believe it! It looks delicious, tastes delicious and it’s a real hunger-buster! Yet it’s no more fattening than the first one.

However, some dieters are less positive. After studying the monster sandwich carefully, they shake their heads and say: ‘I couldn’t go to all that trouble just for myself.’ And when I hear them say things like this, my heart goes out to them.

Why? Because my monster sandwich takes less than six minutes to prepare. That’s right, a miserable six minutes! Yet obviously some slimmers won’t devote even this tiny amount of time to looking after themselves. They would rather spend six years dieting than six minutes making a decent sandwich. Now if this isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is!