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Comments on Diet Articles
Diet recommendations and reviews
About Anne Collins newspaper articles on diet and weight loss

In addition to her work as a full time weight loss consultant
Anne is the weight loss columnist of the Southern Star newspaper.
Since her column first appeared, 8 years ago, she has received
more than one thousand six hundred letters from her readers.
A small selection of these comments is reproduced, below.



“Thank you for all your lovely items in the Southern Star. I read them every week – they are full of common sense and I follow your tips and enjoy doing so – especially this week’s article.”
Mrs. H. (Macroom)




“Your diet has helped me to lose 35 pounds in the past year. I would just like to say that it is the only diet I have ever managed to stick to and I have highly recommended it to others.”
Ms M. (Co. Cork)




“I love your weekly articles in the Southern Star and thank you so much for sharing them with us. I have them all kept and photocopied for future reference.”
Mrs. B. (Cork)




“I look forward to your column in the Star every week. Keep up the good work and I am quite sure you have been a life-saver to many people.”
Mrs. M. (Kinsale)




“I love reading you each week. It’s the first article that I read. Thank you for all the trouble you go to for all of us.”
Mrs. G. (Waterford)




“Though I do not know you personally I am always looking forward to your weekly slimming advice in the Star. I really do enjoy reading it.”
Ms D. (Clonakilty)




“I have been meaning to write to you over the past number of weeks to compliment you on your weekly article in the Southern Star, may I say it gives great inspiration to people like myself.”
Mrs. S. (Beara)




“Thank you for your weekly column. I’m not overweight, but I have been, and could very well be again if I didn’t have the regular spur of thinking sensibly which your writing provides.”
Ms R. (Co Cork)




“I really enjoy your column in the Star. Many thanks for your encouragement every week.”
Mrs. M. (Bantry)




“Many, many thanks for the advice, comfort, reassurance and encouragement we receive weekly from you. I cannot express my dependence on your column to maintain that fine line between self-indulgence and that very vulnerable self-esteem. It is a gourmet meal in itself to read you.”
Ms K. (Co. Cork)




“I read your article in the Southern Star every week. It is very interesting and full of sound sensible advice. Keep up the good work.”
Mrs. D. (Co Cork)




“I love your column and read it avidly every week.”
Mrs. O’D. (Skibbereen)




“I would like to say how much I enjoy your column. You come across as being so down to earth about slimming and I am looking forward to walking down Patrick Street next Christmas looking for that size 12 dress!!”
Mrs. L. (Cork)




“I enjoy reading your article in the Star every week. I’ve lost a lot of weight by following your advice and I feel so much more energetic.”
Mrs. S. (Schull)




“Thank you for all your very interesting slimming tips in the Star. I look forward to them each week.”
Mrs. C. (Clonakilty)




“I look forward to the Star each week and reading about the slimming because you have something new to say every week and its interesting.”
Mrs. C. (Co Cork)