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Reviews and Comments from Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Customers

Here are just a tiny few of the comments
I’ve received about my weight loss diet,
from UK and Irish slimmers.
These are real comments from real dieters.



The best weight loss diet I’ve ever tried and – believe me – I tried them all! I’ve lost 112 pound, I’m more confident and I feel fantastic. After years of putting up with being fat, I can now start living life
to the full.




I dressed in leggings, men’s large T-shirts and maternity clothes. I hated going shopping: nothing fitted. I had to do something, so I did. I tried Anne’s diet and I’ve lost 70 pounds and I feel great!




Since I started Anne’s diet I’ve managed to lose 77 pounds. My life has changed dramatically in so many ways.
My confidence is at an all time high and,
best of all, I can fit into any clothes I want. I never get hungry or bored with what I eat as there is a huge variety of foods to choose from.




Since starting Anne’s diet, I’ve lost 56 pounds. I feel more energetic, more confident and I can buy the clothes I like. I wear brighter colors than before and love going out now. I strongly recommend this diet – you can eat lots and still lose weight!




I am a new person since I went on Anne’s diet! When I started I was 230 pounds. Now, proudly, I can say I am 174 pounds and I feel great! I recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.




Weight loss is easy on Anne’s diet. There’s no pain! I’ve lost 50 pounds and I can’t believe how easy it’s been.




Thanks to Anne’s weight loss diet, I’ve thrown away all my indigestion tablets.




I used to feel so tired. Then my doctor recommended Anne’s diet. Now, my weight is down, (21 pounds) I’m eating more, I’ve got lots more energy and I feel great.




Anne’s diet isn’t really like a diet. It’s just lots of ordinary food. Before I went on it, I was overweight, overtired, my blood pressure was up and I had breathing problems. Now, I’m nearly 30 pounds
lighter, my blood pressure is fine and so is my breathing.




Anne’s diet helps you to lose weight without regaining it. Two years ago I lost 40 pounds and I’m still 40 pounds lighter and I feel great!




Since I started following Anne’s diet, I’ve lost more than 40 pounds, I’m eating lots of good food, I’m enjoying regular exercise and I feel great.




I lost over 60 pounds on Anne’s diet. For me it means being able to buy a size 14 pair of denim jeans instead of XXL tracksuit bottoms!




Because of my erratic lifestyle and various other pressures, my weight got worse and worse. I was tired and suffered from constant indigestion. (I was taking indigestion tablets after every meal!) Now, thanks to Anne’s diet my weight has gone down by 56 pounds, my indigestion has disappeared completely and I feel much livelier. I’m beginning to believe that I can get rid of my weight problem for good.




Since my husband started Anne’s diet 10 weeks ago, he has lost 28 pounds and his cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically. I can’t believe it and neither can he!’
Describing her husband Tom, aged 48, who lost 28 pounds accompanied by a significant drop in cholesterol levels