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Reviews and Comments from Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Customers

Here are a few more recent email comments
about my weight loss diet.
These are real comments from real dieters.



I have just purchased your Vegetarian
diet plan online and I must say that
I’m very impressed with the common
sense and your terrific humor.
I only have 10lbs to lose and wanted
your diet recipes to give me more food variety. Many thanks for giving me a
good laugh as well as putting me on
the right track diet-wise.




Got your diet. I think its brilliant.
I love your recipes!




I have been following your USA diet for 1 week now. I have lost 5 pounds so far and find the diet very easy to follow.




My name is Angie and so far I love
this diet.
I have never really been what you would
call a slimmer, up until I had my son I was very happy w/ my body but I know w/ your help and my self control I will get back to the way I was before.




I recently bought your vegetarian diet and let me tell you that it is actually amazing.
I cook dishes almost everyday and they
are just great.




Hi! I wrote to you about 2 weeks ago
that I thought I had hit a plateau
(only losing 1 pound in two weeks).

You suggested that I check your troubleshooting page. Here’s my success.

First, I increased my exercise each day.
I now do a fast walk on the treadmill 35 minutes each day. Also, upon reading
your troubleshooting guide, I discovered what may have been the source of my
problem – on a few days, I have gone
5-6 hours without eating (because
I’ve been on the run or tied up with activities).

I found a great solution for this – a month
or so ago I wrote that eating two cups
of vegetables each night was a bit overwhelming. During dinner, I would be
full but still trying to polish off all the vegetables. So, for the past two weeks,
I’ve been measuring out 1 cup of raw
peeled baby carrots. I eat that cup
during the day (as an easy quick snack)
and also take it with me in a bag when
I will be running a lot of errands so I
never go longer than 3 hours without
eating something. There’s also the
benefit at dinner time — only having
1 cup of veggies with dinner
(which is just perfect to satisfy me) makes the meal very enjoyable. It’s just right! During the last two weeks I have lost an additional 5 pounds!

To date – 8 weeks – I have lost 15 pounds total!!! Also, I wanted to tell you that
prior to your diet, I never tried
whole wheat bread, oat bread, etc.
Now, I so enjoy eating these breads
that I would never go back to white bread. My family is also jumping on the healthy eating wagon.
My husband also prefers my “healthy”
breads and loves having a fruit smoothie (instead of eggs fried in butter) for
breakfast. The children are eating more
fresh fruits (probably because I have so
much of it in the house. Before, I would
have a little fruit in the house once in a
while). Thank you so very much for all
you do! Hope all is well with you.
Take care and God bless!




Thought I would just write and say so far you have another success to add to your credits. 12 pounds in 5 weeks and feeling great! Thanks for your help!