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Comments from Dieters 2
Reviews and Comments from Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Customers

Here are a few more recent email comments
about my weight loss diet.
These are real comments from real dieters.



I started your plan just over a week ago, weight last Tuesday was 236 pounds. This morning was a shock, my weight today is 210 pounds!!! This is a terrific flying start! So I shall raise my glass to you tonight! Cheers, Judy




It is 14 weeks since I began your diet,
and I’ve lost 25 pounds.
My goal was 30 pounds so I only have 5 pounds more to go.

My girls keep asking me
“What’s the first thing you are going to
have when you meet your goal and
go off your diet?”

Well, I’m not going “off my diet.”
I don’t have a diet.
What I have is a new way of eating — a new, healthier habit and attitude
regarding food.

Now that I’m in the “home stretch,” I’ve been thinking about setting a
new goal. I began at 165 pounds,
I’m now at 140. My goal was 135 pounds, but I’m thinking about setting a new goal
of 130. Gosh, I can hardly believe it
(and just in time for summer!).
I’ve also lost 3 to 3 1/2 inches off each of
my measurements.

Just wanted to keep you informed of my progress and especially to take this opportunity to again thank you for your encouragement. Talk to you soon.




Just a quick update on my progress so far with your diet. It has now been 11 weeks and I have shed 18-20 pounds. The realization of just how much weight this
is came when I grabbed two 10 pound
bags of potatoes and jumped on
the scales. Wow!
I was carrying that much extra baggage? Jack




I received your diet plan about two weeks ago. I can’t believe I get to eat so much and lose weight! I’ve lost 5 pounds!!




I just wanted to tell you that I started
your diet on Monday morning, (and I put
my husband on it too). I have never felt
so good while dieting before. I know it
has only been three days, but I really feel this is one I can stick to forever. It’s not even a diet really, it’s just changing bad eating habits. Thank you so much for
all the information you have on your site,
I surfed the sight last night trying to glean as much information as possible.




I’ve lost 40 lbs in four months. This diet is wonderful…I have never
stuck to one for this length of time!




II’ve been following your diet and tips for almost 2 months and it’s been
really great!!! I’m feeling better everyday, and the best part is I’ve been losing
weight without even noticing!! What’s best is the part about surviving eating
out… That really helped me a lot,
especially since I travel frequently. I’m
now convinced that the only way to
make it is to change my eating habits…




Thank you for such a great diet. When you read it and practice it, it’s really common sense!




Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your weight loss plan is. Thanks so much for helping me start a new life as a healthier person!!!




I’ve only been on the vegetarian diet for
one week but am very pleased so far.
I love that you have a 14 day plan so I
can just stick to that and get started right away while I am still reading and learning
all the rules.
I’m eating a greater variety of foods than
I was before and I love it. Planning meals
is always I challenge… I love that you’ve done that for me.




Thank you for the great presentation. I’m
a busy mom, and some of our poor eating habits and snack choices have crept up
on us in the past few years. I was looking for someone who had put together a
healthy diet plan that would work for the family and create healthy eating habits. Looks like you’ve saved me a lot of time
and trouble!