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Be Positive
How to Be Positive When Dieting, Weight Loss Motivation Advice

Be Positive

Take two daughters. Give one lots of encouragement. Praise her on her schoolwork, praise her looks and forecast a successful future for her. To the other, say only negative things. Criticize her work, criticize her looks and forecast nothing but failure. 

Question: What effect will your words have on these two girls?
Answer: A massive effect! 

You see, when we hear something often enough, we believe it.
 If it’s nice, we feel good. If it’s nasty, we feel bad. It may be our parents who say it, it may be our teachers or our friends at school. But it doesn’t matter who says it. We still react in the same way. If it’s nice, we feel good. If it’s nasty, we feel bad.The first daughter will probably grow up confident, positive and afraid of nothing. The second will probably grow up to be very unsure of herself. She will have doubts about her looks, her abilities and her future. Probable result? The first daughter will find life easy while the second will struggle. All because one was praised, while the other was criticized.

It happens in adulthood, as well. For example, if our mother-in-law keeps telling us we’re not good enough, we end up believing her. If our husband keeps saying he’s more important than we are, we end up believing him. If people keep passing negative comments about us, we end up believing them.

See how powerful words are! They can change us completely. They can fill us full of confidence or full of doubt. And they are particularly important when it comes to losing weight.

You see, when we’re fat, we often have a low opinion of ourselves. We don’t like the way we look and we often feel very self-conscious, especially if someone passes a comment about our figure. Result? We tell ourselves that we are not as good as other people. We tell ourselves that we are a failure. And after we’ve said it enough times, we end up believing it. We end up believing we are a failure.

So when we try to lose weight, we are beaten before we start. We are so convinced that we’re a failure that we never put our heart into it. We might give up chocolate and biscuits for a couple of weeks but we don’t take it seriously. And we don’t believe for a moment that we’re really going to get slim. Why not? Because that little negative voice in our head is saying: You’re a failure! You’re fat! You’re never going to lose weight!

Well girls, it’s time to change! Instead of telling yourself all this negative rubbish, I want you to say something positive, for a change. For example, say this to yourself:

“I want to be slim. So I am going to start a sensible diet and learn some new eating habits. And if I have a bad day, I’ll stop dieting until the problem passes and then I’ll start again. And nothing is going to stop me, because I am strong enough to succeed.”

Say this paragraph out loud to yourself. Go on, don’t be embarrassed, say it! And go on saying it every day! Say it when you get up, say it at lunchtime and say it in the evening. If necessary, cut it out and put it somewhere you can see it.

You see, words change us. And it doesn’t matter who says them. As long as we hear them often enough, we end up believing them. So start saying these positive words to yourself and see the difference it makes! You’ll find dieting ten times easier.

And don’t imagine for one moment that it’s not going to work. This technique is used every day all over the world to persuade people to change their habits. You may have heard of it. It’s called advertising!