diet plateau

Diet Plateau

Sometimes you follow a diet plan exactly and lose weight but then – perhaps 3-4 weeks into your diet – weight loss stops! What’s gone wrong?

Answer: nothing! Your body is simply adjusting to your reduced calorie intake. So this diet and weight loss plateau you are experiencing is only temporary.

Point is, your body doesn’t know you are on a diet. It simply notices fewer calories (famine?). So it slows down your metabolism in order to conserve energy.

In order to overcome a weight loss plateau in your diet, you should maintain your calorie intake but increase exercise levels. This helps to raise metabolism and shorten the effects of the weight loss plateau.

Further reducing your calorie intake will only reinforce your body’s perception that food is scarce. This is likely to prolong the plateau.

Diet plateaus are quite common among repetitive dieters, whose bodies have become experts at slowing down to conserve calories.