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Diet and Hunger

Hunger Keeps Us Fat

Many dieters think dieting and hunger go hand in hand.

They accept hunger as a normal part of dieting because they think that dieting and weight loss means eating tiny amounts of food.

But hunger should never be part of a diet.

Hunger makes us unhappy.
Unhappiness makes us binge.
Bingeing makes us gain weight.

Truth About Dieting

Dieting means swapping your high-calorie eating habits for lower-calorie habits. This can easily be achieved without reducing food quantity.

In fact, some people on my diet complain there is too much to eat!

Secret of Successful Weight Loss

The real secret of successful weight loss is to fill up your stomach with healthy lower calorie food. Because a full stomach is your best protection again food temptation, binges, cravings and other diet disasters.

DON’T go hungry.
If you do, you’ll reach for something that makes you fat.

It’s ALWAYS better to eat a little too much, than not enough.
Because not enough leads to diet catastrophe!

A Healthy Diet with Lots of Tips
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