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Healthy Eating For Healthy Weight Control
When Nursing a Baby

If you want to breastfeed your baby and control your weight, think “healthy eating” rather than “dieting”. Provided you eat the recommended number of calories and eat a variety of healthy foods, you won’t gain weight during lactation, and you will probably lose some of your excess fat. As a rough guide, increase your calorie-intake by about 500 calories over what you needed before you became pregnant by (eg.) eating a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk.

If you want to manage your weight when breastfeeding, I strongly recommend my Balanced Diet Plan.


My Balanced Diet is Excellent For Breastfeeding

My Balanced Diet is great for new moms. It helps you to eat healthily and is adjustable for all calorie intakes. It includes tons of practical advice about nutrition, exercise and general motivation. It helps you to lose weight in a steady (healthy) way, and to improve your eating habits in order to avoid weight regain.