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Don’t go Hungry!
Diet Food Portions, Hunger and Weight Loss

The illusion about Small Portions
We think that if we eat small portions, we’ll lose weight.
But this is an illusion. We may lose a few pounds but usually it all goes back on!

Because eating small amounts of food makes us hungry.
And hunger makes us miserable.
So to feel better, we eat cookies and cakes.
Result? Goodbye diet.

So we lose weight AND we stay full.
The truth
Dieting has nothing to do with eating less.
Dieting simply means eating differently – it means choosing less fattening foods.
And because these foods are less fattening, we can eat lots of them.

Result? We’re much less tempted to ruin our diet by bingeing on biscuits.

The moral
Get into the habit of eating lots of lovely food.
It makes dieting a lot easier.