Diet Fitness Information & Advice

Diet Fitness – Information and Advice

Foods to Improve Nutrition and Fitness
Diet foods which (supposedly) aid fitness and help boost fat loss are everywhere. There are hundreds of so-called “fitness foods”,”fitness drinks”, “sports nutrition foods” and “sports drinks” along with any number of natural sports supplements and other functional diet foods to help us boost our body fitness, manage our fat/muscle ratio and perhaps control our weight. In fact, almost any substance we eat in order to improve our level of nutrition is called a dietary supplement or “fitness food.”

The Diet-Fitness Claim
Manufacturers of these diet-fitness products and other functional foods typically imply that once we achieve optimal nutrition by ingesting suitably large quantities of these diet-fitness products, we will (supposedly) perform better, have limitless energy and strength, be able to burn fat and calories more rapidly, and have a body that looks and acts young well into old age.

You must decide whether this is just hype to sell more diet-fitness products, or whether (and/or which of) these fitness and sports supplements are genuinely helpful.

Diet-Fitness At a Price
For many people, certain dietary supplements, including vitamins and minerals, may have a place in a healthy diet plan. Products such as nutritionally complete formula meals are very valuable for the ill or the elderly, and for people otherwise unable to consume enough nutrients to meet daily needs. But many of these diet-fitness products are typically unnecessary and few are cheap.

Fitness and Weight Control Benefits of Healthy Diet and Exercise
To put it another way, given calorie limitation, a well-balanced diet, and a daily 30 minute workout, almost anyone can lose body fat, increase muscle mass, and enjoy the energizing benefits that come with regular exercise without the need for any of these diet-fitness foods or supplements.

Guide to Buying Dietary Supplements or Foods to Increase Fitness

  • Does the fitness food product promise miraculous, fast, or dramatic diet/fitness results?
  • Are the product’s fitness claims substantiated by reputable experts?
  • Are the fitness claims based on scientific tests—or merely on user-testimonials?
  • Is the fitness food product manufacturer well-established in the industry?

“Miraculous” Fitness or Sports Foods Don’t Deliver

Be wary of any fitness food or dietary supplement that makes miraculous claims. If a claim sounds unbelievable, it almost certainly is. Pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers spend billions of dollars each year seeking solutions to obesity and cures for life-threatening diseases. When a discovery occurs, it makes headlines.