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Dieting isn’t Deprivation
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Don’t be a Susan!

Susan is a typical dieter. She is 36 years old, married with three children and weighs 180 pounds.

She’s been dieting on and off for ten years but never loses weight. Why not? Because she keeps making one big mistake.

Susan thinks that dieting means depriving herself.

So when she’s dieting she does nothing but think of all the lovely things she’s missing. Things like donuts, cakes, popcorn and cookies. Every time she goes into a shop she gazes at them and thinks to herself:

No! I mustn’t have any of those nice things because I’m on a diet. I must suffer.

So she suffers. And gradually her suffering drives her insane. After three weeks of dieting she is ready to cut her throat. She can take it no longer. So she gives up in disgust and goes on a huge binge. Result? She regains all the weight she’s lost and more besides.

Poor old Susan. She’ll go on dieting for the rest of her life but it won’t make the slightest difference. In fact, she could diet for a thousand years and still not lose weight.

As long as she continues to believe that dieting means deprivation, she’ll get nowhere.

Are you a Susan?
Do you think that dieting means depriving yourself? If so, here’s some advice.
Stop kidding yourself and be honest for a change!

For example, ask yourself this question: what exactly are you depriving yourself of?

  • A fat butt?
  • A pair of fat thighs?
  • Constant tiredness?
  • Indigestion?
  • Heartburn?

Is this what you miss?
Or are you worried that you’ll miss out on the chance to develop a gall-bladder problem?

You see, we forget about these things, don’t we? We are so busy worrying about giving up candy, cream and peanut butter, that we forget about giving up the tiredness and the discomfort and all the other nasty things we put up with when we’re fat.

That’s why we find dieting difficult. We think it means giving up nice things. We think it means suffering. But this is nonsense.

The truth is, dieting means freedom. Freedom from embarrassment, freedom from tiredness and freedom from discomfort. As I say in my slimming clinics, a sensible diet is a passport to a new life.

So, if you are on a diet, don’t see it as something negative. See it as your private escape route to a new slim world. Because that’s what it is.

For example, just sit down for a moment and imagine yourself 30 pounds lighter than you are now. How do you think you’d feel?

Would you feel pain?
Would you feel deprived?

Of course not! You’d feel fantastic!

So girls, it’s time to change! Stop worrying about giving up things and start looking forward to bouncing out of bed in the morning and then bouncing all through the day. Because this is exactly what will happen when you get slim.

Poor Old Susan
Meanwhile, spare a thought for poor old Susan! You see, she won’t change. She’s too stubborn. She still thinks that dieting means depriving herself. She still spends her time worrying about giving up things. She never thinks about the good things she can look forward to. So as usual she’ll stop dieting in a few weeks time and not long afterwards she’ll be even heavier than she is today.