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Bad Days When Dieting

Bad Days When Dieting

Every dieter has bad days.
No disrespect, but if God went on a diet he’d have bad days, too.

Our Daily Diet

However, no one stays fat because of the occasional binge, or bad day. It’s our daily diet habits that keep us fat.

So the next time your diet plan goes up in smoke, don’t worry about it.
Just wait till the storm passes and then return to your diet.

Diet Panic

Most dieters panic when they have a binge or a bad day. They get hysterical and guilty and think they’re doomed to stay overweight for ever.

Which makes them feel: Why bother?
Result? Goodbye diet plan.

Dealing with Unplanned Binges When Dieting

If you have an unplanned binge or any other kind of diet disaster, just wait till the mood passes then go back on your diet. Remember, even if you have 65 bad diet-days a year, you can still have 300 good ones.

Diet-Recovery Plan

Coping with bad days when dieting is MUCH easier if you have a diet recovery plan: i.e. a pre-arranged plan for what to do AFTER your binge.

For example, the morning after your unplanned binge, you might execute the following diet-recovery plan:

  • Telephone diet buddy (or best friend).
  • Diet buddy comes round to forgive you for your diet sins.
  • Then both of you visit gym/swimming pool for exercise session.
  • Then you eat a healthy meal together and discuss your return to your diet plan.

Prepare for Diet Disaster

You WILL have several unplanned bingeing episodes when you diet. Prepare for them IN ADVANCE.

This is the secret of successful weight loss.

A Healthy Diet with Lots of Tips
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