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Bookmark this page for news articles about a range of dietary subjects, such as: the renal consequences of high protein diets, dietary treatment for pancreatic and prostate cancer, eating plans for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, how diet affects longevity, clinical trials on different eating plans for coronary heart disease, glycemic index (GI diet) and the affect of junk food on the metabolic system. See also articles on weight management and obesity control topics, like: the latest bariatric surgery techniques, medications to reduce severe overweight, how obesity is associated with depression, weight gain during marriage, how to control weight gain during menopause, the effects of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. For those with specific interest in dietary nutrition, you’ll find news about eggs and cholesterol, nuts and heart attacks, why tomatoes may reduce blood clotting, soluble fiber supplements and cholesterol, folate needs, food allergies, plant foods and cancer, and much more.