comfort eating

Help! I’m a Comfort-Eater

Do You Eat for Comfort?

If so, ask yourself:

What do you need comfort for?
What is lacking in your life?

If you can answer this, you’re half-way towards a solution.
Admittedly, the next half is the long half (!), but you’ve made a good start.

Point is, most of us eat for comfort because something is NOT happening in our life.

Maybe we’re worriedMaybe we’re bored
If so, we need to get un-bored. We need stimulation, interests, activities.

If so, we need to share our worry – not keep it to ourselves.

Maybe we’re sad
If so, we need to get happy. We need friends, company, entertainment.

Maybe we’re angry
If so, we need a bag to punch, or else we need to focus our anger more constructively.

Maybe we’re just (you know) fed up
Sorry, this isn’t good enough. We need to be more specific.
We don’t just get, err… fed up. We get fed up for a SPECIFIC reason.
Until we know what this reason is, we can’t deal with it. So GET SPECIFIC!


Don’t waste time looking for comfort in a jar of cookies
Cookies don’t give a damn.
They just make you fat.

Instead – stand up and make some plans
Work out what needs fixing and fix it.
In 100 years time you’ll be dead and forgotten.
So make the most of your life, now.
There are no second helpings of life.