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Cholesterol in Pork
Heart Healthy Information About Diet Cholesterol Content of Pork Ribs, Loin, Sausage

Cholesterol Content of Pork

Please note: all cholesterol values are approximate

Pork (3oz unless stated)
Cholesterol (mg)
Pork, back ribs, lean & fat, roasted 11mg
Pork, leg, lean & fat, roasted 80mg
Pork, leg, lean only, roasted 80mg
Pork, center loin chop, lean & fat, broiled 70mg
Pork, center loin chop, lean & fat, pan-fried 78mg
Pork, shoulder, arm, lean & fat, braised 93mg
Pork, spare ribs, lean & fat, braised 103mg
Pork, sausage, cooked, 2 links 22mg

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