cause of weight loss failure

Another Reason We Fail To Lose Weight

Need For Dieting Support

God doesn’t make perfect people. He makes humans. And we humans have all sorts of faults and weaknesses and doubts. So we love food with tons of fat and sugar, and we hate exercising, and – above all – we hate dieting.

Then comes the day when we step onto our bathroom scales and the needle hovers around the unthinkable 200-pound number, and… YIKES!

You know the score. Within minutes we’ve decided to CHANGE COMPLETELY! No more favorite foods, no more snacks, no more this, no more that. From now on, we’re going to eat only light foods, we’re going to join a gym, buy a bike or a treadmill, or both… and lose enormous amounts of weight.

Then a week later, we have a bust-up with our teenage daughter – who is really out of order – and we end up reaching for the cookies or whatever we can find, to calm ourselves down. One thing leads to another, and within another day or so, our diet is history.

Okay, it might not be a family bust-up. It could be boredom, or loneliness, or a sense of rejection, or any one of a hundred negative emotions. But the effect is the same – we turn to food for comfort.

To understand the problem, let’s remind ourselves what has happened.

1. We have discovered we are 200 pounds – say, about 60 pounds overweight.
2. We have started a diet – say, the ‘Amazing Miracle Diet’ by Doctor Whoever.
3. We are then torpedoed by a perfectly predictable problem.
4. Result? We start bingeing.
5. Result? We quit our diet.

Question 1
why has a perfectly predictable problem derailed our determination to lose weight?

Question 2
Why did our instinctive binge cause us to quit dieting?

AnswerBecause we had no support. No one to turn to.

Which is why most dieters quit. They experience problems that temporarily take over, and they don’t know how to cope without resorting to food. And they lack sufficient motivation to lose weight.

The Lesson

Don’t start any diet without first checking that the program includes an online support forum, accessible 365 days a year, where you can get friendly advice and encouragement from people like you.