cardio aerobic exercise

Cardio-Aerobic Exercise & Weight Loss
Think 10 mins!

Cardio Aerobic Exercise Sessions

Until recently, most fitness experts believed we had to exercise continuously at high intensity for 30-60 minutes, before our metabolism and weight could benefit. Now, fitness research shows that even 10 minutes of aerobic activity can help to boost our metabolism. So weight loss is now even easier!

Exercise for 2-3 10 minute-sessions

If you can’t join a gym, do several mini-exercise-sessions of 10 minutes each. Try dancing to music, skipping or a short fast walk.

Key to Cardio Aerobic Exercise is Intensity

On an imaginary exercise intensity scale of 1-5, where one is leisurely, two is rhythmic, four is strenuous and five makes you pant, warm up for 2 minutes at level two, then increase intensity to level 3-4 for the next 7 minutes, then finally ease down in the last minute to level two.

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