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If you want to improve your energy intake and achieve a better balance between calorie intake and calorie expenditure, has tons of information and resources to help you achieve better calorie control.

The main issue about reducing calories is to aim for a realistic calorie intake and avoid very-low-calorie-diets unless you are following a medically supervised eating plan. While feasible in the short term, very-low-energy-diets may not contain sufficient nutrition to maintain good health. Also, if you want to boost your energy expenditure, check out our calorie burning pages.

The best way to reduce calories is to choose less calorie-dense foods, meaning food with less fat. Fat contains twice the calories of carbs or protein. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid ’empty-calorie’ foods, meaning food with no nutrition but high in calorie content. Regular sodas are a good example of empty-calorie food.