Calories in Food

Welcome to Anne Collins Calorie-Counting Information Center! Cut calories and lose weight, find out your daily calorie needs, or create your own calorie-controlled diet. See how many calories in pizza, hamburgers, popcorn, ice cream and all popular food, or reduce your energy intake for better mid-life weight control.

Calorie Savings

There are two easy ways to reduce calories. Either swap a high-calorie food for a lower-calorie item (eg. choose a cup of skim milk – 90 calories – rather than whole milk – 150 calories). Or, cut out a small high-calorie eating habit. For example, if you drink one less 16 fl oz can of beer a day, you save 67,000 calories a year – equivalent to about 19 pounds of body fat.

Calorie-Intake Affects Weight But Check Nutrition Too

Although weight reduction is founded on the energy equation (energy expenditure must exceed energy intake), calorie-counting does have its limitations. Nutrition is also important. According to at least one world expert in fat-metabolism, food energy cannot be properly metabolised without sufficient minerals and vitamins. This is why a healthy calorie-controlled eating plan should be based on nutrient-dense meals and snacks.