Calories Burned by Exercise

Calories Burned

Workouts That Burn About 4 Calories per Minute

The following type of exercise burns about 4 calories per minute: callisthenics, cycling (slow), gardening (light), golf (social), general housework, line dancing, table-tennis, tennis (doubles) and walking (slow).

The following type of exercise burns about 7 calories per minute: aerobics, basketball, baseball, cycling (moderate), dancing (active), football, raquetball, skiing, swimming, tennis (singles) and walking (brisk).Workouts That Burn About 7 Calories per Minute

Workouts That Burn About 10 Calories per Minute

The following type of exercise burns about 10 calories per minute: basketball (competitive), cycling (fast), dancing (strenuous), football (competitive), jogging, kick-boxing, running, skiing (cross country), skipping (with rope), swimming (vigorous), walking (vigorous), weight training (heavy).

Improves Metabolism and Cardio

Taking regular physical exercise is a great way to burn extra calories. In addition, regular workouts will raise your metabolic rate (how fast you normally burn calories) and cardiovascular efficiency, and are therefore invaluable for maintaining health and a general sense of well-being.

Weight Maintenance Rather Than Weight Loss

Regular physical exercise is a vital element of an effective weight loss program. But not for immediate weight reduction benefits. Typically, it takes a minimum of 10 hours of walking, or 5 hours running, to burn off one pound of fat.

Extra Benefits of Exercise Program

That said, a regular fitness program (or any regular physical activity) is invaluable for medium-term eating and weight control for the following reasons:

– It helps reduce appetite
– It helps reduce food cravings
– It improves mood and lessens the need for comfort-eating
– It increases the calories you can eat without gaining weight
– It improves personal motivation to stay in shape