Burn Calories and Lose Weight!

Advice on How to Burn Calories and Lose Weight

General Advice

Avoid Fat-Burners, Fat-Burning Pills
If you want to burn calories and lose weight, do it naturally! Please avoid all amphetamine or metabolic boosters – these diet-supplements won’t help you to burn calories or lose weight for long, and they can be unhealthy. Instead, take physical exercise! See also Diets & Weight Loss Programs

Best Exercise to Burn Calories and Lose Weight
The best exercise for burning calories is cardio-aerobic. Jogging, cycling, poer-walking, swimming, aerobic dancing or general aerobic workouts. However, strength-training is also important to increase muscle-fat ratio.

To Lose 1 Pound Weight – Burn 3,500 Calories
Exercise does burn calories but it takes a while to lose 1 pound of weight! However, exercise is essential to maintain weight loss and maintain your body at peak efficiency. See Calories Chart and
Calories & Fat Tables

Exercise and Burn Calories to Lose Weight

When you burn extra calories, you lose weight much easier.
For example, burning calories…

  • Helps you to lose weight from the start
  • Helps you to lose weight by overcoming any weight loss plateau
  • Helps you to lose weight during menopause
  • Helps you to lose weight if you have hypothyroidism
  • Helps you to lose weight if you are only a few pounds overweight

Burn Calories to Reduce Fat-Muscle Ratio and Lose Weight

Burning calories by exercising helps to reduce your fat-muscle ratio which helps to increase the rate at which your body burns calories (your metabolic rate). Point is, muscle requires a lot more calories to maintain, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Exercise and Burn Calories to Boost Motivation to Lose Weight

Exercising and burning calories is a wonderful way to boost your motivation to lose weight. All studies show that dieters who exercise lose more weight and keep it off when they burn calories by regular exercise.

Burn Calories in 48 Different Foods

In each of the following weight loss pages, there’s a simple calorie calculation to show you how fast you burn calories from a particular food.