Body Weight ‘Set Point’

Body Weight ‘Set Point’ Theory

Set point theory states that every individual has a personal metabolic rate that maintains a given weight, regardless of calorie intake. This ‘personal weight’ – called the set point – is believed to be why some dieters find that weight loss slows down at some point (weight loss plateau effect), or else they keep reverting back to a higher weight.

Set Point and Weight Gain

The big weakness of set point theory is it’s inability to explain why the body doesn’t revert to it’s supposed set weight after GAINING weight due to (say) increased calorie intake.

Set Point – Bottom Line

Whether or not our weight is fixed by a set point, weight loss experts agree that it can be altered by improving eating and exercise habits. So if you are stuck on a weight loss plateau, or if you find your weight creeping back up after dieting, add a few extra minutes to your daily work out and you’ll start losing weight again.