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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program
Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

My Balanced Diet Plan is a highly effective weight loss plan. But when it comes to losing weight, eating the right food is only PART of the answer. The most important part is developing the MOTIVATION to stick to your diet. This is why PERSONAL SUPPORT is such an important feature of my weight loss program.

– My Weight Loss Forum offers awesome personal support around the clock.
– In addition, members may use my Email Helpline for 365-Day help and advice.

The success of my weight loss program is based on this personal support.
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Summary of Balanced Diet Plan

Anne Collins Balanced Diet reduces weight and improves eating habits. Even better, it’s a GREAT way to help husbands and families to eat well and maintain a healthy weight without them even realising that they are on a “diet”.

  • Offers a well-balanced 28-day eating plan for healthy weight loss
  • Each meal provides two options: either quick-cook, or convenience
  • Add your own snacks from the extensive snack list
  • Instantly adaptable for ANY dieter no matter how overweight
  • Take-to-work options
  • Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters
  • Full snack list
  • Full list of fast food options

Anne Collins Balanced Diet Plan is a 28-day weight loss plan with a wide range of quick, nutritious meals, a choice of calorie-controlled snacks including candy, cookies, wine and beer to choose from. Fast food, frozen entrees, and ‘take-to-work’ lunches are all part of this easy to follow diet. It’s extremely flexible – you can add extra snacks to increase your calories according to how FAST you want to lose weight. Experience a great diet with delicious food and NO DEPRIVATION!

Contents of Balanced Diet Plan

Anne Collins Balanced Diet provides a complete set of menus for 28 days. Each lunch and dinner includes a home-cook option and a convenience-meal option (including a range of fast-food choices).

For anyone working shifts, or who needs “take-to-work” meals, the diet includes a range of brown-bag options.

The basic daily plan provides about 1100 calories. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie-controlled snacks, or fast-food options. So, whether you’re male or female, whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds, this diet is INSTANTLY ADAPTABLE.

This Weight Loss Diet is Designed For…

Anne Collins Balanced Diet Plan is perfect for anyone who wants a HEALTHY AND FLEXIBLE type of weight loss plan, to help them reduce weight as fast as possible.

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Opinions About Anne Collins Balanced Diet

Note: All comments reprinted directly from Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum. To preserve privacy, all identifying names have been removed.

Joining your weight loss program was the best $20 we ever spent, I have lost 50 pounds and my wife has lost 100 pounds! Everyone wants to know what diet we’re on. My wife has even been asked a couple of times if she has had gastric bypass. We are quick to tell them, just order your program, follow it, and exercise. We feel better, look younger, and have a lot more energy! So, thank you for helping make it so easy. I have attached before and after pic’s of my wife.

I checked the scale this morning and I am down to 202 pounds from 242! I am ELATED!!! I cannot believe I have lost 40 pounds! And I couldn’t have done it without your help! I am getting closer and closer to my goal!!!

Happy to report I lost another 3 pounds this week. That brings me to 20 pounds total for 8 weeks. I couldn’t be happier! My clothes are starting to get too big so I’ll have to find some new pants soon! An excuse to go shopping!

Very pleased to say I lost 2kgs (4.5 pounds) on my first week – eating masses of delicious food on the balanced diet. Anyhow looking forward to another week of yummy healthy food.

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This is the first time I’ve actually posted here since i started the plan but i think its a good idea so I’ll make it a habit! The scales were down 3 pounds this week which i was quite excited about! Especially since i only made it to the gym 3 mornings last week rather than the normal 5. Anyway heres hoping next week will continue the trend!

I’m on the second week of the No-Nonsense diet, and I’m really happy with it. It seems (to me) to be more realistic in terms of having a life and not a diet and actually feels like just eating healthy, and not BEING ON A DIET. I’m also cooking for a family of four and I’ve found it very easy to use.

Its so good to know i can make things for both myself and my husband off the other meal plan. What a great help! I have to say how easy your plans are to follow. Its been two weeks sinec I’ve started and the food lists are really nice. I shove it in my purse and go. There has been plenty of food for the meals so I haven’t even been tempted to cheat. About time someone finally got it right! Cheers to you!

I joined anne collins last year and i started the No-Nonsense diet when i followed the meal plans i lost 2-3 pounds every week, in total i lost 37 out of the 70 that i planed on losing ( this is why i’m back, to loose another 40. )

Okay I’m first….I chose the no-nonsense balanced because I am bad at sticking to a set plan so I chose the one that gave me many choices. I have been on it for 2 weeks and I have lost 6 pounds.

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I am on no-nonsense balance diet and very happy with it. I was on it since March 2004(I was 188 Lb, 5’7″ and 31 years old). During first week I have lost 8 Lb. Then every other week I have lost 1.5-2Lb. I was strictly on this diet until July 2004, and I have lost 30 Lb. Since July I stepped out of diet a little bit, but still maintain 158 Lb. I have started the same diet last week and can’t wait to see the numbers on scale next Monday.:-)

I like the meal plans, because then I can eat exactly the amount needed and the plans are all laid out for me, and it is easy to go shopping for what is needed. If left to my own devices I tend to buy and eat more of what I should be doing.

I also chose the No-Nonsense plan (popular choice it seems). I was thinking of the low-carb, but I have developed a serious love for whole-wheat pasta and can’t stand to cut much of it out! I really like the freedom with the No-Nonsense plan as well. I think it proves that with determination and the right attitude, we have more will-power than we think. I have had a lot of success with this plan so far (lost 70 pounds) and recommend it to anyone, especially someone starting out because of all the freedom you have.

I started the balanced diet in the beginning of the year. So far I lost eight pounds. I’ve been unhappy with my large frame all my life and I want to finally do it the right way. I have lost weight before on Atkins diet but I gained it all back because I could not stick to this kind of diet all my life. This balanced diet makes sense and it doesn’t really feel like a diet because you can eat some of everything.

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My clothes are finally starting to sag and I love it. I am totally focused and geared up for spring. That’s 16 pounds down in 6 weeks!!! And I’ve been able to eat everything including pasta!! The balanced diet is definitely the one for me. I’m sticking with it!!

I broke my plateau! I am now down to 191 pounds, that is 51 lost so far! I am so excited! I can’t believe some of the reactions I get. This past weekend, I ran into an ex-boyfriend that I haven’t seen in 3 years. He had some grovelling to do, let me tell you! I am in a size 12 for the first time since high school. I know I still have a long walk ahead of me, but I am so proud of how far I have come!!! You were right when you said to just stick with it – the No-Nonsense Diet is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Anne. I did exactly as you advised and am following the Balanced Diet. The meals are so yummy and so much variety. Even my husband hasn’t complained once about me ‘dieting’ LOL! I love your web site because it is so no-nonsense yet provides many, many easy to access choices and is also so personalized. I love it that you answer emails like mine and have your photo on the page. I feel as if I have my own personal coach. Your service is definitely worth the investment and I really appreciate the support. I plan to be one of your success stories.

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Sample Daily Menu From Balanced Diet

Here is a daily menu taken from Anne Collins Balanced Diet. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase the standard calorie-intake up to 2000+ calories per day, by choosing from a wide range of calorie and carb-controlled snacks.

Balanced Weight Loss Diet Plan
Sample Food Menu

1. The diet includes full cooking instructions and TONS of different recipes.
2. The diet includes a full range of food substitutions and fast-food options.
3. The diet includes complete information on calories.


Option 1
Pancakes, Bacon & Berries
2 ‘lite’ pancakes , 1 tbsp maple syrup, 2 slices Canadian bacon, ½ cup berries.

Option 2
Yogurt, Wheatgerm & Fruit
1 cup fat-free yogurt, 2 tbsp wheat germ, 1 medium-sized banana, 1 tbsp sesame seeds.



Convenience Option
Chicken Sub
Subway 6 Inch Roasted Chicken Breast Sub (311 calories), 1 serving fruit.

Home Option
Soup and Veggie Sandwich
1 cup low-fat canned ready-to-serve soup, 2 slices whole wheat bread spread with 2 tbsp fat-free mayo, filled with chopped vegetables, 1 oz fat-free cheese.


Main Meal

Convenience Option
Frozen Meal – Angel Hair Pasta (or calorie-equivalent)
Lean Cuisine Angel Hair Pasta (220 calories), 2 cups salad, 1 tbsp fat-free dressing, 2 graham crackers with 1 tbsp fat-free cream cheese, 1 serving fruit.

Recipe Option
Pasta with Meat Sauce, Salad, Milk
Ingredients: 1 oz dry weight pasta or thin spaghetti, 3 oz very lean ground beef, 1/2 cup sliced bell peppers, 1 large tomato chopped, 1 clove minced garlic, 1/2 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning.


Selected from Snacks List.


Total Calories

Average Daily Calories: 1100
Note: Snacks not included in calorie total

Your daily meals on this diet contain an average of 1100 calories. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie-controlled snacks.