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Bagels – Calorie Savings
How to Save Food Calories and Lose Weight When Eating Bagels

Calorie Savings – Weight Loss – Bagels

Choosing the right snack is important if you want to lose weight.

Don’t forget, in order to reduce our weight, we need to reduce calories-in until it is LESS than our calories-out. Exercise helps us to increase calories-out but we can also reduce calories-in by making better food calorie choices.

Higher Calorie Example – Bagels & Cream Cheese

  • One 3.5″ plain bagel w/ 2oz cream cheese has about 375 calories.
  • Once a week, that’s 19,500 calories, per year

Choose Lower Calorie – Whole Wheat Toast & Baked Beans

  • 2 slices whole wheat toast, 5 oz can baked beans has 260 calories.
  • That’s 13,520 calories per year.

Calorie Saving

If you substitute whole wheat toast for a bagel in this way, you save about 5,980 calories, per year.

Weight Reduction Consequences of this Calorie Saving

5,980 calories per year is the equivalent of 1.7 pounds of weight.