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Dietary Information & Advice about Avocados, Avocado Pears, Calories In, Monounsaturated Fat

Avocados, Avocado Pears


Diet Nutrition

Avocados are packed with nutrients. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and potassium, they are useful sources of vitamin B6 and mono-unsaturated fat. Due to their high vitamin E content avocados have powerful antioxidant properties which help slow down ageing, protect against cancer, heart disease and many other problems.

However, avocados are relatively high in calories and should be eaten in moderation on any weight loss diet.

Calories in Avocados:
1 avocado, flesh only = 340 calories


How to Lose Weight and Maintain Good Diet Nutrition
Healthy, fast weight loss requires good diet nutrition. Remember, there are 22 vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy weight loss. So choose a diet plan that includes foods from all food groups, and offers personal support to lose weight. An excellent choice – which includes lots of “brilliant” diet motivation tips is Anne Collins Healthy Weight Loss Program