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Atkins Nutritionals Low Carb Weight Loss Diet Suffers Fall in Demand

Atkins Diet Company Files For Bankruptcy

Atkins Diet – News of Bankruptcy Proceedings (Aug 1, 2005)

Atkins Nutritionals, the weight loss organization which promotes the very low-carb Atkins diet, created by Robert Atkins, MD, has petitioned for bankruptcy protection in the United States. The company was established in 1989 by Dr Robert C Atkins. This legal action appears to have been triggered by a significant drop in demand for Atkins-type low-carb food products. It is reported that dieters have found difficulty with eating-plans that emphasise a very low carbohydrate intake.

Health Concerns of Atkins Weight Loss Diet

Despite huge worldwide popularity, the Atkins diet alarmed many doctors and dietitians due to its advocacy of a dietary regime which permits a high consumption of fatty foods, including foods rich in saturated fat – the type of fat linked with higher cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A recent survey reported a noticeable fall in consumer interest in very low carbohydrate weight loss diets, similar to Atkins. Only 2.8 percent of subjects were following a low-carb regime, such as the Atkins Diet. Another 10 percent said they had followed a very low carbohydrate weight loss plan but had since quit. A few months ago, UK administrators were appointed to the UK arm of Atkins Nutritionals after the business was hit by poor sales. In June 2005, the UK Advertising Standards Authority called for an advert promoting the Atkins diet to be pulled because its claim that dieters could “enjoy a healthier lifestyle” could not be proved.

Atkins Bankruptcy Hearing

Atkins Nutritionals stated a hearing on its filing was due to take place today in a US bankruptcy court. Chapter 11 gives a company time to reorganise itself by giving it protection from its creditors. It is reported that the company, which is privately owned, owes 300 million US dollars (£169.7m) and is understood to have reached an agreement with the majority of its lenders to give them equity in exchange for lower debt. It is reported that after it leaves bankruptcy, the company will focus on its nutrition bars and shakes.

Difference Between Low Carb and Very Low Carb Diets

Atkins New Diet Revolution, the weight loss program devised by Dr Robert Atkins, exemplifies the ketogenic ultra-low carb approach to weight control. Other lower-carb plans, such as the Zone Diet (Sears) or South Beach Diet (Dr Agatston), recommend a less dramatic reduction in carb consumption, and are regarded by many experts as much healthier eating plans. Not least because they distinguish between “good carbs” and “bad carbs”. At present, the gold standard for carb-conscious eating is the GI Diet.

Anne Collins Approach to Healthy Dieting

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