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Apple Danish – Calorie Savings
How to Save Food Calories and Lose Weight When Eating Apple Danish Pastries

Calorie Savings – Apple Danish

An apple Danish is not the ideal diet food if you want to lose weight.

Remember: losing weight means controlling calories. We need to reduce our calories-intake until it is LESS than our calorie-expenditure.

Calories – Apple Danish

  • 1 apple Danish (2.5oz) contains 265 calories.
  • If you eat two a week, that’s 530 calories per week.
  • Or 27,560 calories, per year

Better Calorie-Choice

  • 1 slice oatmeal bread and 1 tbsp apple butter contains 110 calories.
  • That’s 220 calories per week; 11,440 calories per year.

Calorie Saving

If you substitute this for your apple Danish, you save 310 calories per week, or 16,120 calories, per year.

Weight Loss Consequences of this Calorie Saving

16,120 calories per year is the equivalent of 4.6 pounds of weight.