anyone can lose weight

Anyone Can Lose Weight

I Have Never Met A Real Weight Loss Failure

I began helping people to lose weight back in 1981. Since then, I have helped at least 10,000 clients in person and well over 200,000 via the Internet. Aside from a relatively small number of celebrities, most of those I’ve helped have been ordinary men, women and teenagers, who weighed anything between 140 and 700 pounds. Among them, have been patients with heart or cancer problems, hypertension, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, PCOS, insulin problems, digestive disorders – you name it. I’ve also helped pill-addicts and bariatric patients. Along the way, I’ve listened to people with every conceivable type of eating disorder, family problem or personal problem.

But I have never met one single person who was unable to lose weight.

If this sounds odd, let me tell you that I have met quite a few people who didn’t really want to lose weight. Instead, they preferred:

– To eat fattening food, rather than keep to their diet.
– To follow their old cooking habits, rather than adapt to new healthy ones.
– To dine out, rather than prepare their own food at home.

These people weren’t failures.
They simply had their own personal preferences, and they stuck to them.

So even though they didn’t lose weight, it WASN’T because they COULDN’T.
It was because they DIDN’T WANT TO.
They preferred to do something else instead.

A perfect example of this, was a client of mine called Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was in her late 30s, and weighed 190 pounds. She told me she had been dieting ever since the arrival of her last child, 13 years previously, but had never managed to follow a diet long enough to make any difference. “I’m a total failure” she concluded. “No you’re not” I said to her. “The only reason you didn’t stick to your other diets was because you didn’t WANT to. The moment you decide you DO want to, you will.” Months later, she said it was my refusal to see her as a failure that convinced her that she could do it. As it was, she lost more than 65 pounds and never looked back.

I could tell you about tons of others, who lost 100 or 150 pounds, but Elizabeth sticks in my mind as someone who was particularly lacking in self-confidence. She thought she was doomed to be fat. But she wasn’t.

And neither are you.

It doesn’t matter what sort of weight history you have, just remember these two things:

1. You are not a failure.
2. The moment you decide you’re ready to change, you will.